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    Default if you have several kids, do you read to them each separately at night?

    I have two little ones, 4 and 6 years. at night, they both want to be read at. I wouldn't mind reading to both at the same time, just that the older one DD can get bossy and try to lead too much that it angers the little one and reading time gets disrupted more often than not. So I have been trying to read to them each separately. But then the older DD wants to sneak into the younger room to hear the story, or just because. And then when I read to the older in her room, the younger might try to pop in the room as well. There are a lot of limit settings at bedtime that i need to enforce, but don't know which route to go that would benefit them best: read to them a book as a whole group, or read to them individually. I am leaning towards individual so they have their own separate time to learn to read etc and be with me. I just have to enforce rules be firm, and direct them to other tasks when I am in one room with another sibling, as they just want to go to each others rooms.

    Just wondering how your night time reading routine is going when you have to read to several kids?

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    I have a 3.5 yr old and almost 6 yr old. They share a room so at bedtime they are both allowed to pick a book or two for me to read and my oldest reads independently one book either after supper or at bedtime. If you are having issues though I would just let them each pick a book and read to them together so they each get to hear 2 books (we do 1-2 books each depending on the time we make it up to bed).

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    I have a 1.5, almost 4, and 8 yr old (as of tomorrow!). I read to all of them at the same time. The girls (the 2 oldest) are in the same room in bunk beds and the baby will come sit on my lap while I'm reading. The books we pick out are usually somewhere in the 5-6 yr old age group but DD1 still loves that time and the little ones are good with any book too (we do anything from Chicka chicka boom boom, to Fancy Nancy, Little Critters, etc etc). The rule is 3 books max. b/c it would literally go on forever.
    My oldest will read by herself on the top bunk for awhile until she gets tired and goes to sleep. So far it's been working out well.

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    If reading together isn't working, just read to them apart. Tell them each gets their own quiet time with you, and please stay in your room and play quietly while you are with the
    other kid.

    Just be firm. If my 4 year old pokes her head into the room when I'm reading with the 8 year old I just say "Not your time. Back you go" or something and she knows that's
    how it is.
    They get used to routine.
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    Our first two are 18 months apart and we always read together. Actually we would read in our bed and fall asleep and then hubby would move them to their beds later when he came to bed. lol

    So now we have 11, 10, 5, 1. Hubby reads to the 11/10 yr olds and I read to the littles
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