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    sunday I did not nurse or pump for 7 hours..breasts were quite full by end of day and since then it appears my supply has decreased... having troubles feeding baby and my freezer supply is diminishing....will power pumping help my supply increase? it worked before for me, should i pump every 2 hours instead of 3? i dont want to overstimulate but need to figure this out asap! i have bought fenugreek but am hesitant to take--read it causes baby gas...has anyone tried fenugreek with success? how much more milk did you make?

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    The breast milk supply adjusts itself by how much demand is there. With you not nursing or pumping for 7 hours on Sunday, the breast milk supply "centre" registered that you don't need as much. So if you want more breast milk, you can do what you have suggested - pump every 2 hours instead of 3. Nurse your baby more. It may take a couple of days, but it should re-adjusts itself to a happy supply. You have nothing to worry about. Does this help?

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    I would suggest going and getting Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek. Taken together they will give your supply a big jump. You have to take alot though, like 6 pills twice a day, I cant remember exactly because it was a few years since I had to take them. Your doctor can also prescribe Domperidone too, but I would try the natural route too, oh and pumping and drinking a ton of water.

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