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Thread: Report Cards?

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    Default Report Cards?

    How did everyone's kids do? My stepson is 11 and in grade 6. He got all A's and B's except for Dance that he got a C in. Very proud of him and I think I'm most proud of his A and B's in Gym, Music and Arts. My stepson is very smart, picks up things very quickly and has never had a problem with school but he hates gym, music and art so he always gets C and D cause he doesn't try, this year you know what he said " You know I just figured if I just tried it would look better then the C and D's I get, it doesn't matter if I don't like those courses it my job its just what I need to do"

    Oh my gosh!!!!! 6 years and now he finally listens to what I've been telling him all along!!! LOL

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    My daughter's report showed she's made huge strides in this new school.
    My son's shows that report cards are useless, and don't reveal anything real.
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    DS2 was quite good, mostly Bs with A in gym, which he loves. He still talks too much. C'est la vie.

    DS1'S never came home. Now maybe it was because we were on vacation that week, but I'm sceptical. He says it's not in his desk. His teacher warned me that it wouldn't be that great, probably because the kid is not very motivated. I can't even get him to school on time.
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