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Thread: DD1 not happy

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    Question DD1 not happy

    DD1 is never happy with anything.
    I have asked what I can do to help her but she doesn't know.
    She regularly sleeps for 10 hours a night.
    We do after school activities (that she asked for).

    Talked to her teacher this morning and no problems at school, she is polite and very helpful in classroom.

    Anyone have experience with this?

    Or maybe what my next step is to help her?

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    My 5 year old son can get into a funk like this also. He sleeps between 11 & 12 hours a night and sometimes still seems down in the dumps. I have noticed a difference in his attitude since I started giving him a Vitamin D supplement in the winter. He gets 800 UI every morning. We call it the "Happy Vitamin". Might be worth a shot, especially if you notice her unhappiness is more severe in the winter.

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    Is this your 8 year old? Is it like a kneejerk reaction to always be negative/critical, or like a deeper, sadder feeling?
    If it's the first, all I can suggest is trying to model positivity (I know it sounds corny) and try to turn stuff around for her, if it's the second, I'd seek a therapist's assistance.
    Sometimes it helps to have a third party to talk to, someone neutral, y'know? Not saying she's depressed or so on, but it can really help to have someone else to talk to who you don't have to worry will be worried, upset, disappointed, angry, etc. The vitamins are a good idea, too. I tried that with my kids.
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    I find I get seasonal depression if I dont watch it, how long has it been going on for?

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