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    Default regret not getting the flu shot this year 0_o :( almost due and it may be too late?

    curious how many expectant ladies out here have gotten the flu shot this year? I usually do, but for whatever reason, life got busy, winter just didn't feel like winter, I felt great, I missed to getting the flu shot: me and my kids. a few weeks ago we were all hit hard with a really bad cold, but I now suspect it may have been the flu (if I had known to do so, I too would have liked to have been tested to see). We all had fevers and nasty cough symptoms. kids were out of school for a week due to disrupted sleep/coughing in the night. Me, Im still ailing with symptoms of stuffy nose and dry/irritated sore throat. Now that my due date is coming up, and we are still in flu season until May, I am worried to be exposed to another bout of what I had gone through. It was rough, and I don't want to experience it again. And I just can't imagine how it would make a little one feel when I myself had a hard time dealing with it. So I have been debating with maybe two weeks to go before giving birth, if I should get the shot or not now. I've called various resources such as the health unit, shoppers, and my OB, and they said it was fine if I wanted to (although they all had to double check-and the pharmacist had to check first and sounded a little hesitant but then said it was fine/up to me). The walk in clinic I went to was hesitant too, and thought I should wait it out since I was close to delivery. So i feel in limbo. I really just want the immunity for the baby. If i get the shot after giving birth, the pharmacist could not even tell me if anything would pass to baby through milk. Anyhow, that is my dilemma. So curious how many mommas to be got the flu shot/or didn't this year?

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    Hi there - I am not a professional, but I believe it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against flu. Since you are due in a couple of weeks, I am hesitant to see the benefits, but I think it is entirely up to you. Also, you may get more benefit from staying away from malls/closed in places like movie theatre's etc so you will not pick it up. I hear you though - when you send your kids to school, it is hard to avoid getting sick.

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    I got the flu shot last year when I was pregnant but got the flu anyways and was so sick for a month. Flu season is almost over and you're almost due so I wouldn't bother if I were you.

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