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Thread: bathroom time

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    Unhappy bathroom time

    ****this is just a vent.****

    How does DH get that much time in the bathroom?

    I can't even get 30 seconds before someone is screaming, crying, banging on door, fingers under door or some other "emergency".
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    Here it baffles me how my husband can sit at his computer and be invisible. I can sit there, and it's like it draws my children by magnetic force or something. Same if I were to sit and open a book in front of them, oh that must mean I want to get them a snack or play chess or play bingo or read to them or so on. I've started actually telling my kids hey, I'm going to the bathroom or going to my room to read for a bit or whatever, and I will be back when the clock says THIS time. If there's a fire, blood, choking, or bone exposed, come get me. Otherwise, Mommy's on time out.
    I feel like after 12+ years of full time momming, this is ok. I don't even care if it is. It's necessary.
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    I just send the baby in the bathroom with him haha.
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