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    Default other pain management options in childbirth?

    curious if anyone has used any medications at the hospital other than the epidural initially? such as morphine/PCA/Nitronox etc? I received a brochure about pain management from the hospital and didn't know there were these options. (Although I don't really like the sound of some of their potential side effects to mother/baby) But curious if anyone has gone with any of these options?

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    I did use the gas with my last delivery. It was my only pain management since I was too far to get the epidural. I wouldn't say it actually worked. It makes you feel a little loopy, I remember looking at the midwife at one point and she had 2 heads haha. They do say the gas leaves your system right away, that's why you keep having to breathe it each contraction. I did have the epidural with my other two and LOVED it, such a calm and relaxing delivery where I could chat and think and enjoy vs my last which I just had to do whatever I could to make it through that contraction. I know they say epidural has a slower recovery but I never found that. They didn't turn it up too high with my 2nd and I was out of bed and in the shower in the same time I was with my non-epidural baby. Do what you want to do-don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to.

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    During my 1st labour, I used gas throughout a large part of the labour & it really helped me. The epidural (which I did not want but the OB pretty much talked me into getting it because I believe she was prepping me for c section, which the birth turned out to be hours later), did not help me at all! Second time around when I used a midwife & had a VBAC, she gave me a shot of sterile water injection into my back & that helped me a lot. I doubt OB's give such a shot though.

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