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    Default St. Thomas Mom - opinions on Monsignor Morrison and Lockes PS

    We will be registering out little one, and I was hoping to get some good insight on both of these schools. Just looking for some fellow moms opinions. Thanks!

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    I have friends whose kids go to Morrison and they love the school. It's got a really nice family environment and lots of family involvement and events, too. Classes are smaller than public school classes.

    My youngest went to Locke's for one year. We were dreading it, because the school has a bad reputation. The Early Years teachers are amazing and our experience there was fantastic. As with any school - get to know the parents of your child's friends or contact the teacher before agreeing to play dates or parties at other kids' homes. We had one invitation that I was a little leery about, and as it turned out, I was told by someone who worked at the school it was probably not a great idea to allow our little one to attend the party. That kind of thing can happen at any school though.

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