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Thread: School registration

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    Unhappy School registration

    bitter sweet day.

    signed up DD2 for school in September. She is totally excited and didn't understand why she was not staying at the school. I am just not ready to give up my baby to strangers for the whole day but I will get there....
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    UGH I had a really hard time 2 yrs ago when dd1 started jk. Now I am signing up dd2 and feeling even more anxious even though I know and love the teachers. I think dd1 was an April baby and so smart that I knew she was ready, but dd2 is an October baby and just a different personality.

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    I have to take my youngest over soon to sign up, too. I didn't put her in jk, just neither of us had any interest in it and her siblings didn't do jk so it wasn't even really something we had expected or wanted for her. I know she'll enjoy school for sk, and I have met her teacher. The school in general here, I feel quite good about vs where we lived last year (loved the area, the school not so much), so at least I feel safer about her going. But I do not look forward to giving up my sidekick. I'm not sure yet if I will try her p/t first or what.
    She's my last and that's tough.
    I do have a p/t job lined up for next school year though to help distract me from my sadness. AND I've been really positive about it for her sake, like ordered some clothes on clearance and showed her I was hanging them in her closet for when she goes to school next year. We were looking at photos and saw ones of her sister and brother on the first day, much younger than now, and I said hey this year you'll get to choose your own backpack, too! And stuff like that. Looking for bright sides. Acting like I'm cool with it
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    I'm signing mine up for jk too! So scared to leave her with someone else

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