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    Default After School Care for C.C. Carrothers

    Our son is going to be starting JK in September at C.C. Carrothers. I work until 11pm every night and my husband works until 10:30pm for two weeks and then works a day shift for 2 weeks in rotation. So we are looking for after school care for a 2 week on/2 week off rotation until 10:30pm. Does anyone have a child who goes/went to to some sort of after school care? Just looking for some recommendations!

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    Maybe a nanny?

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    All after-school programs/daycares are going to close around 6pm. I would look into a high school student, that could pick them up from school and walk home and make dinner and entertain and put to bed. You may have to pay $10/hour, as that seems to be what babysitters want these days. Post a notice at the school for mom's that walk their kids to school this year. They are already home with their child in the evening and might want to make the extra money. Home Daycares for 7 hours would be paid about $30-35/day ($25 is low end and $45 is high end), so you could offer $35/day ($35/month for the 10 afternoons).

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