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Thread: how to breast and bottlefeed at same time?

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    Default how to breast and bottlefeed at same time?

    I have two growing ones (ages 6 and 4), and another on the way due very soon. I want my kids (and i'm sure they would want to be involved too) in feeding the baby with a bottle. It would be breast milk. i do have a pump. With my two kids I exclusively breast fed. But this time I want to be able to do both so that my kids could be involved with some feeding? Not sure how easy or difficult this would be. For me, I can just breastfeed and get it over and done with and have baby satisfied and sleeping in no time, but im just curious to how easy/challenging it would be to do both and if it is worth the time and effort. anyone have experience doing both and can give me any tips? Thanks!!

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    I would wait until breastfeeding is established (6-8 weeks). Then I would either replace one feed with a pump or once baby gets in more of a routine pick a time to pump a few ounces. I have 2 older ones too (5 &3) and though I did pump for our now 11 month old often, I found it tedious. I ended up getting into a routine where I would pump before bed for her next night's bedtime feed. That way you get a full pump and then baby gets a full bottle.

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    As someone who both breastfed and bottlefed out of necessity, it sucked.

    I was doing 45 minutes of breastfeeding and 1-2oz of formula and then 15 minutes of double pumping with a small break in between go time. It was exhausting. I ended up shipping off my 3.75 year old to my moms house as I couldn't take care of her along with the newborn and myself during the day.

    I would absolutely have your kids involved in feeding, but I would suggest a role other than feeding itself. Like bringing the breastfeeding pillow, glass of water, getting a receiving blanket with spit ups, etc.

    The novelty of bottle feeding will likely wear off quickly, and it's a whole lot more work than reward.

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    I agree with abito. There are lots of things they can do to help.
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    I did both but only included maybe one bottle of breastmilk a day. I did it because I has so much milk and needed to be able to bottle feed away from home. My milk came out fast and furious so my daughter had trouble staying latched because of the crazy flow. I would spray milk everywhere and I would be soaked... along with baby! So I bottle fed sometimes while I was out at the mall or library etc. I could easily fill a bottle in minutes so it did not inconvenience me much... although I only had one other child to worry about the second time around.

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