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    Default Gluten free Casein Free diet

    Anyone here do the GFCF diet for their children? My dd has a slight speech delay and I am wanting to see if this diet helps her speech to improve. ANy good recipes or tips ? I want to make sure she is getting all the necessary fat and nutrition from this diet any tips would be appreciated!

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    We did a similar diet (but with way more restrictions) for about 6 months. Be ready to cook, it's nearly impossible to find food that fits that diet in the supermarket. Any non-dairy milk could work (almond was our best choice), and I've read goat's milk can work, it's a different casein molecule, closer to the human form and better tolerated. I used to loos at paleo/autoimmune paleo recipes for inspiration.

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    I'm not sure that this diet would have any effect on a speech delay. My daughter has been on the diet for 6 years (as well as no soy or corn). She has autism and there were some behaviour improvements after starting the diet but that wasn't why we started it. She had constant diarrhea and would wake screaming in pain every night. Removing gluten and dairy cleared up her Stomach problems, and likely only improved her behaviour because she was no longer in constant pain. If your child isn't having any symptoms of a possible food allergy or sensitivity (diarrhea or constipation, stomach pains) the diet likely wouldn't have any effect on her, and it really is a PITA to do if you don't need to.
    There are a lot of GFCF food you can buy at most grocery stores now. I don't really use any special recipes. I just use my regular recipes and substitute ingredients. I use coconut oil instead of butter, So Delicious coconut milk instead of regular milk and I use a combination of brown rice flour(2 cups), potato starch(1/3 cup) and tapioca starch (2/3 cups) in place of flour. Superstore carries a good dairy free cheese called Daiya cheese and they also have dairy free yogurts and ice cream.
    If you do try the diet keep in mind it can take up to 8 months for gluten to be completely out of a persons body so you would need to stick with it for a long time to really see if there are any results.

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    My daughter and I both have Celiac disease so we're both gluten free. I'm also casein free due to an allergy. Here are our store bought staples: Kinnikinnick Soft Multi-grain bread (found frozen in the grocery store), Hot Kid Rice Crisps (rice crackers), Rice Chex, Campbell's Chicken with white rice soup, Campbell's Tomato with basil and oregano soup - used in cooking for things like chili. For milk I buy soy, rice, or coconut. There is also hemp and almond but I didn't care for either of those personally. From a Celiac perspective with labelling laws the way they are now it should be fairly easy to look for gluten. Look for wheat, rye, barley, oats in their common names in both the ingredients list and the may contain warning (if you're concerned about cross contamination). If there is none you can use it. I've found milk more challenging to avoid but it is definitely possible. . There are also more products available online from - they ship from Edmonton and make great stuff, just a bit expensive as is the way with gluten free. Good luck!
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