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    Default Looking for child therapist referral in North London

    I'm looking for a child/family therapist for my 5 year old son, preferably in North London for convenience sakes. I'd prefer a therapist that will work together with parent and child for us to focus on both his anxiety and my frustration with his refusal to try anything. We have a grueling 6 months ahead while he essentially relearns how to poop (medical issue) and I need us to be able to work together peacefully so we can be successful.

    Any referrals would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do you mean someone like a counselor or psychologist? I was looking up locations about a month ago for my daughter to handle some anxiety issues surrounding potty training. I know LaRose Psychology said they had openings, though that isn't exactly North. Many had wait lists, which is why I'm mentioning them.
    Best of luck!

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