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    Default Gr 4 Help

    My stepson (9) has come to live with us full time. He was diagnosed with ADHD last year when living with his mom so he has an IEP in place. I'm not entirely sure what it entails, however his lack of attention in class is why he has one. He doesn't focus and doodles all class. When he does focus, if he struggles, he won't ask for help. His teachers have tried getting him to stay in at recess or lunch to help him 1 on 1 with some of the work he struggles with, but he refuses to listen. I'm not sure what to do at this point. We've gotten both a math test and english test this past week that he did poorly on. Math was 15/30 and english was 4/12.

    We can do some extra work at home to help him understand this stuff but how can I get him to focus at school? For the extra work, aside from Pinterest to find worksheets, what are some good websites I can use to get some work for him?


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    first off I suggest seeing whats in the iep and if it needs changing.

    making him stay in at recess will not help as kids with adhd HAVE to burn eneregy off.

    is he on meds at all?

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    There are psychologists that specialize in ADHD and can work with him to teach strategies he can use as he goes along and realizes he has lost focus. Kind of like throwing a remote control into a vortex and hoping while he is seeing the stations on the tv switching as quickly as possible that he can notice the vortex and pull out the remote to use 1 strategy.

    I would ask for a copy of the new IEP, if not finished yet, then ask for a copy of last years IEP. If he has behavioural difficulty at school, then it may list strategies for helping him with his behaviour. If the IEP is for academics, then it may be only for math or only for langauge. If it is for lack of attention, then it may have strategies, such as seating away from others or near the teacher, that the teacher will give a signal before she talks and make sure she has eye contact so she knows he is paying attention (for a couple seconds at least). He should be able to take any tests in a quiet room (likely an LST room) so he isn't distracted.

    I would work with his psychiatrist and see when his dosage was last increased. Children grow exponentially during these years, so the dosage needs to be increased yearly or even more often as the dose for a 5 year old's body is not enough for a 9 year old's body. If there are huge problems with focus at school and he isn't learning anything then I would look to change his medication completely. If it worked before, but he is at max dosage then you could ask about the pill that you add to meds and helps to boost ADHD meds (pediatrician has been mentioning it lately, but I forget the name. I think it starts with a V).

    I wouldn't try worksheets at home. They will be boring and, I know with my son that he can't do work as it gets later in the evening and his meds wear off. I am lucky that he gets most of his work done during school and is able to get straight A/Bs, since he wouldn't do as well if we had homework every night and I had to fight to get him to do it.
    I would find out what unit he is studying in math and find a game to play. Can you find youtube songs about it? Can you make a WAR game from it (card game where both people get 1/2 deck and then put down 2 cards and multiply - the biggest product wins all 4 cards - can also be done with add/subtract).

    Does he have a Prodigygame account? If not, sign up for free and start him off at grade 3 level and see how he does.
    if you are willing/able to pay, then I would see about Mathletics or Sumdog for computer games.

    Language is too broad a topic to give ideas. If it is writing, spelling, reading - then find ways to have him do these for fun. Christmas is coming so he can write a letter to santa to actually mail. Have him write to a couple relatives he hasn't seen in a while. Find books he likes to read. Ask the teacher to send you books at his DRA level from the resource room (if they will as these are school resource and not lending resource). He may be lv 40 for gr4, but if struggling he may be lower. Then you can slowly have him read and you look at where/how he is making mistakes and then later teach him strategies for that (maybe he can't read /ou/ or /ow/, so you could focus on those words).

    Have him write about his favourite pokemon and then you check for misspelled words (real ones not pokemon names, lol) and use those as ones to help him spell (like sing or chant or draw on a white board - don't do paper pencil).

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