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    how many of you had issues with breastfeeding? my sister is having a consultant come in to help her bc she said her friend suggestd it... my niece said with her baby it hurt a bit but got better within a week... and i know every baby is different....advice..suggestions? do they help you in the hospital right after the baby is born?

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    They will help you a bit but generally it's just nurses and not lactation consultants. It is normal to hurt the first few days or even weeks, but it can't hurt to see a LC if you feel the latch isn't right or baby isn't getting enough. There are usually drop in breastfeeding clinics you can go to. I know you're not in london but twice a week there's a clinic at Babies Naturally on Gainsborough that is incredibly helpful. I'm sure you can find something similar where you are

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    It's a great idea to see someone to help with breastfeeding. Even if it's going well a lactation consultant can give you tips. It takes time to get comfortable and used to breastfeeding. The hospital LC's only work monday to friday so if you're only in the hospital on the weekend you can't see one. They are also very busy and I didn't find it very helpful. I second Babies Naturally. I had Carol Peat come to my house and she was so helpful!

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    I had huge issues breastfeeding my third child (after nursing 1 and 2 until 20/22mo). As a first time breastfeeder or at the first sign of issues I absolutely would recommend going to an IBCLC certified lactation consultant. They diag'd me with raynauds, and my MWs consulted them once I discovered the PTT. They also were a reference when we were supplementing, and I also met with one after our tongue tie release for weighted feeds.

    Regarding the hospital LC:
    I had a small baby with my first, and she came with a small mouth first time mom who didn't have the positioning figured out either. I was in the hospital for 4 days (baby born on Wednesday) and while I was on the LCs list by Thursday, I was not visited during my hospital stay. She called and apologized after I was discharged. I arranged another LC to come by at 2 weeks.

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