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    just trying to get my registry going...a few friends/family members have given me some clothes/blankets--some of it is fleece which dh hates bc he says you breath in the dust from it and he doesnt want our daughter wearing or being covered in fleece. I was looking on babies are us and didnt see much in terms of blankets that didnt have fleece on them or made of them. Any ideas where to go to get a quilted baby blanket? he also doesnt really like knitted ones (a shame bc i have a beautiful hand knitted blue and white blanket that a client at my old work made....80 yr old lady hand knit a white and a blue blanket the perfect size... will likely still use them though....but any ideas would be you can see i am a ftm and am getting lost in all the stuff to buy! i was thinking maybe sears or the bay...guess i need to go and look at what they have.

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    knitted/crochet baby blankets are awesome because they have holes in them that baby can still breath even if they pull the blanket up over their face.

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    check out some craft fairs, you should be able to find some there. The Been Garden on Dundas (I think that's what its called) should have some too. Also fleece is a must in the cold weather, it rreally really keeps them warm without adding bulk. Have your hubby do some research. Also you have as much say as your hubby (maybe more if you are staying home with baby and using these things more than him) and if you love thehand made knitted one then use it!

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    I've never heard of this issue with fleece and a lot of blankets / clothing is made from it.

    I personally stayed away from man made fibers in the kids clothing / blankets because of flammability - I think that issue may have been resolved in the last 12 years because I see a lot more man made fibers than cotton (which was always my preference).

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