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    Default snowsuits and car seats

    So i had someone tell me no snow suits in car seats... i had no idea! havent boughten one yet...but wondered if i am not using the snow suit in the car, when will i use it? I understand i will need warm sweaters, sleepers, booties, hats ...or a fleece type coat... will be coming home from the hospital sometime january-feb..due date is jan 30... any advice on what i should dress her in? and will i need a snow suit?

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    If using the infant car seat I always had them in a sleeper, buckled in tight, then a light blanket, hat, mitts and one of those OVER the car seat, shoewer cap style covers. It doesn't affect how baby is buckled in the car seat. Once my little one out grew the infant car seat you can get a down filled snowsuit, really warm but completely compressed so that it doesn't affect how the straps fit over baby. There is a ton of info out there, you can contact the London Car Seat Safety or Vancouver Car Seat Techs (even on facebook) for more info.

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    I had my third baby in January. I put a thin sweater over her sleeper then strapped her in. I then would put a fleece blanket around her and tuck it all around her. Then I had a JJ Cole carseat cover that goes on over top of the carseat (not the one that goes behind baby). That kept her quite warm. Oh and also a hat!

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