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    Default green electricity

    I read in the paper a few weeks back about a cleaner choice of electricity. I finally had time to look it up :

    "You want to make a difference. So do we…

    What is Bullfrog Power?

    Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer
    Clean, reliable electricity from 100% EcoLogoM-certified energy sources
    A new way for Ontarians to support renewable electricity rather than coal and nuclear
    A 100% Canadian company dedicated to increasing the supply of renewable electricity in Ontario
    Why go green?

    An easy way to take real action to help improve our air quality and protect our environment
    A meaningful way to invest in a better world for our children, our communities and future generations
    A practical way to ensure your electricity dollars are supporting green power production instead of coal and nuclear "

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has switched?? I'm really considering taking the plunge and doing the switch but I'm worried about the cost factor as well.. I do remember when the door to door sales people for those "lock em in now" companies were at my door they were locking in for 8 something (which I did not)..

    I'm pretty much just looking for some insight and opinions.

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    A few weeks ago the CBC nightly news was running stories on the environment and ways to be eco-friendly. Bullfrog power was one of the things they covered. They interviewed a family of three in Toronto who are with Bullfrog and according to them their bills were only an average of $15 higher per month.

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    I vaguely recall seeing an insert in our hydro bill about it last month... I read it (obviously retained nothing :P ), but didn't research further bc we rent still... (i.e. get what our landlord gives us). It was something about an eco-friendlier energy alternative. Check the london hydro website, maybe?

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