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    I am at 15 weeks, and my vomitting seems to be getting worse instead of this normal? I have threw up yesterday and today...both foods were acidic and i wonder if that is doing it (cream of wheat cereal, 1/2 c coffee) and today some blueberries...what does everyone think?

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    For some people I've heard it gets a little bit worse for a bit around that time and then tapers off closer to 20 weeks. I had severe morning sickness so I couldn't tell you. I threw up every 15 minutes for 9 months unless heavily medicated. Some people also find they have aversions to certain foods for the entire pregnancy.

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    Yep, I actually had my m/s get worse with my girls at around 13-14 weeks before it started to taper off. It was different with my son, I have no idea why. Hopefully this is the worst of it and you'll be feeling better soon.

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    I had extreme nausea from 3 weeks to birth. I couldn't even keep down water most of the time. There were no medications or anything that helped me, so I don't really have any advice outside of keeping yourself hydrated - and watch for dehydration.
    I ended up hospitalized due to severe dehydration - and my kidney function is much diminished, so much so I was advised to not become pregnant again.

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