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Thread: My teen and her job

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    I would drive my child as long as they were appreciative and not expectant. If they were expectant I would have them figure out the during the day rides. I would still drive at night and early morning.

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    I must have been spoiled. My parents drove me any chance they could or let me borrow the car (and I didn't have to fill up). If they couldn't drive me and I didn't have the car then I would bus but they paid my fare. I was saving up money for school though and didn't spend frivolously. Heck I'm 30 and they still will fill my tank every now and then and I haven't lived at home in many many years!

    My two monkeys are young but I can see myself driving them if it's after 9 or if I have the chance to. But then again they still get up at 530 am so I don't yet know what it's like when they sleep in

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    If she feels a tough situation to travel in the midnight by bus or cab, ask her to work in a restaurant which is nearby until she gets some experience in her job.

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