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    Default Canada is rocking it at the Pan Am games!

    Here's the medal count:

    Did anyone go to Toronto to see any of the games so far?
    A co-worker went to see the Dressage and I'm really jealous that I didn't get tickets!
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    I'm glad someone is enjoying the games lol...I have heard exactly nothing on my newsfeed on fb, and have seen one update come across the yahoo homepage...
    I don't understand the entire thing to be honest. It isn't the Olympics, but it's a big deal, or something? And it cost Toronto over 3billion for it. Ouch.
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    I'm sure Toronto's making decent money off of it. Plus it pushed them to finish the Pearson Express and the construction around Union. I'm not following the games closely but I think it's great that there seems to be decent coverage of it in the media and many of my friends/family have attended and posted on FB.

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    We are following quite a few sports ! Love gymnastics, diving and swimming. My daughter is excited for track and field. So far Canada is doing great with medals, however they are saying the USA will be strong in swimming and other sports to come

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