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    Question Learning to Read... (tracking issue)

    DD1 (7) has a tracking issue and physically struggles to keep her eyes in one place for a certain amount of time. It's impacted her writing and reading significantly and I'm having issues with getting her proper help. I've admitted this is outside my scope of knowledge and techniques... Family doctor and eye doctor say it's a hard thing to deal with as it's not overly common and there's no one trick fix. We were really hoping the end of the year report card would shed some light on things but as they aren't being given out I'm skipping that step. I've also spoken to her teacher many times and they believe DD1 just lacks confidence... Which in fairness she could... However it's not the main problem. I believe confidence will come when she can have more control over where her eyes go when she reads.
    I've been given a few links to work with her and not much more. She'll be entering grade 2 this September unable to write more than her name, unable to read, and unable to spell. It's heart breaking and frustrating. She'll be taking advantage of the READ program through the libraries this summer and hopefully additional programs if I can manage it.
    Any suggestions on where to take her and prices? Has someone dealt with this before and have some advice here?

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    I would call Kumon or Oxford Learning and ask them if they have had any experience specifically of dealing with a child that isn't able to track their reading. I am not sure what else I could suggest. There should be a learning support teacher at your school that could give you some ideas on where you could go.

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    I have a friend whose child has this issue. If you give me your email maybe she could contact you. Her daughter is in vision therapy.

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    I don't really know, but I wonder if a "window" would help with reading. Basically, a coloured cardboard rectangle, with a rectangle window cut in the middle (think border for a mini picture frame). She can move this to read or keep focus on one area. I have seen them cut to show only 1 line of writing at a time, or to show approximately 1 paragraph at a time. This way when her eyes wander she can come back to the same spot she was at.
    The other is what all children in young grades should be doing, is following all words with their finger when reading so the eyes can see where they are going especially when moving down to the next line.

    I have heard some people say using certain colours of paper can help, such as blue, and I have heard others say that this doesn't do anything.

    The advice is just things I have seen used and not specific to this issue.

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