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Thread: How does your school deal with kids not sitting still in class?

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    Maybe it depends on your school? My daughter gets a morning, lunch and afternoon recess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingalls View Post
    Melissawilliams I don't get how you think recess lengths are the same?
    When I was a child we had two fifteen minute recesses, and one fortyfive minute recess. That's 75 minutes.
    Now my kids have one twenty minute and one thirty minute recess. That's 50 minutes.

    I wonder if the schools ares till doing dpa? (daily physical activity) I asked mine and neither kid thinks so. DS says they just don't do it at his grade level, he assumes. DD
    says sometimes they get to listen to a song as they get ready at the end of the day and if you get ready fast you get to dance a bit, but that's just some days.
    I don't go to balanced day schools, so all schools I see have 2 - 15 minute recesses and 40 minute recess (20 minutes eating) so 70 minutes outside, plus gym for 40 minutes every 2nd day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckymama View Post
    If I am reading he is laying all over the floor, fiddling with things.... If I ask him a question he can answer it easily. He learns better when he is moving. I think all kids are different and learn differently so it is hard for some children to sit. Hopefully he will mature and be able to sit.
    This is my son too. When my husband is reading to our two oldest (boy and girl) at night my son is jumping on the bed or fiddling around in the room. When we talk about the books later on he is the first to recall the information about it. Though he can sit for quite a long time if he is engaged with something, like Minecraft for instance. We also homeschool. Yes, all kids are different and learn differently.
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