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Thread: when did your little one first learn to read?

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    My kids aren't in school yet but I was told by a teacher that reading cannot be taught if the child is not developmentally ready to read yet, and that those kids catch up and usually out read their peers by gr 2. If the teacher is not worried I wouldn't compare kids to other kids, some are only kids who spent a ton of time at home one on one reading, others have more dedicated teachers, some are just more interested in reading ect... there are so many variables. Is she youngest in the class? That makes a difference too.

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    Is she bored? DD1 was hardly into reading at all in SK (although it was kind of weird b/c she was pretty into everything in JK). Her teachers were very different in her JK/SK years though so I think that might have had something to do with it. This year for gr.1 we switched her to French Immersion and she's progressed very well. I think she needed the extra challenge. Maybe that's something your LO is looking for as well?

    I volunteer with the R.E.A.D. program at LPL and have seen a lot of different tips on helping young readers catch up to their peers. Some focus on sight words can help them progress b/c they get comfortable knowing several basic words when reading and don't feel like they're stumbling a lot. Another tip was that if you pick out a book and you count more than 5 words that they get stuck on then it's time to move on to a lower reading level book. It just seems to make the child more frustrated if things are a little too far out of their reach. LPL has several good e-resources if you log on using your library card. I would also check with her teacher to see if there's anything she would recommend over the summer. I'm not sure if there is a deadline for the summer R.E.A.D. program but it might be an option too.

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