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Thread: Emotional Day

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    Default Emotional Day

    I am not usually super emotional but watching my 13 year old daughter get on the bus this morning to leave for a 4 day grade 8 Camp Celtic class trip was much more difficult than I had anticipated it to be. I'm not overly protective and my daughter is old enough to stay home alone, babysit, walk around Byron, go to a movie with friends etc. but..... she always comes home at night and....... she is never that far away. I am assuming that she is probably having a great time since she was looking forward to kayaking, jumping off a cliff into water, swinging on ropes etc. but this doesn't really ease my irrational anxiety. I am not worried about anything specific really since I am familiar with the trip and believe that it is an amazing experience that I wish every grade 8 class could have the opportunity to go on. I think it's more the fact that she is away from me and we won't get to talk about anything (however minor) for days.

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    Aw I would totally feel weird without one of my kids, too. But I also went on that trip when I was in grade eight and I still remember it vividly and it was
    It's gorgeous there! You can walk and walk and walk, and still the water isn't above your shoulders at the main beach. Then cliff jumping I didn't do since I
    could barely swim, but it's done at a place that's neat, too, where the water is so clear that you can see these giant fish swimming around your legs, but you cant' feel
    them since the water is SO cold! lol it was so neat.
    The hiking was beautiful.
    I remember making fimo shapes and stringing them on leather for necklaces, and playing some kind of 'capture the flag' game, and polar bear dips, omg they were
    so exciting!

    I'm sure she's doing great.
    And fwiw, when I went, like ninety per cent of my friends were mad at me because I played on a baseball team with their 'boyfriends' and so they were jealous that
    their 'boyfriends' talked to me more, lol and I still had an amazing time even with no friends
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