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    Default Breastfeeding while nursing, Painful burning?

    I believe that I am pregnant. My baby is 8 months old. It has begun to burn when nursing on my nipples. Is this common in early pregnancy?

    Also, who has been pregnant and nursed? How did you uptake your nutrition? Did you every feel slight twinges/cramps in beginning when of pregnancy when nursing. I want to make sure if I nurse while pregnant that my body can handle it and its not too draining. Any tips tricks?

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    I didn't have any soreness associated with nursing while pregnant, but I hear that it is very common. I didn't do anything differently re: nutrition, except take prenatal vitamins. I felt sick early in my pregnancies so mostly just ate a ton of carbs and nothing else for the first 3 months and I gained a lot of weight quickly but we survived.
    One thing I found was that being pregnant made my milk supply plummet. I nursed my first about 5 months into my pregnancy and then weaned because I had no milk and I nursed my third about 3 months in and then weaned because my milk dried up. congrats on the new baby!


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