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    Default 5 month old won't sleep unswaddled

    My son is 5 months old and I am at my wits end. He has never been a good sleeper, and the o my way for him to sleep was to be swaddled. Now it's time to unswaddle him and it is a nightmare. We have tried everything. One arm out, etc. cold turkey, you name it we tried it. He will fall asleep after 30 minutes of constAnt moving and sleep for only 30 minutes max.

    the problem is, he won't stop moving. Constantly squirming. The only swaddle that worked was a halo, and now he is to big for it. And he hates being swaddled. He will fight to get out and toss and turn. Come 3am he is a fightinf to get out of it and once he does, he starts to scream cause he hates being unswaddled too!

    with warm weather coming someday (I hope) he can't be in a balky swaddle plus he will roll over soon.

    I think i am I am going crazy, someone been through this? He never stops moving!

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    Have you tried a sleep sac? I know its not going to hold his arms down but it still gives them some comfort.
    Just don't give in to swaddling now, they need to use their muscles

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