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    Default Garcinia Cambogia -ever use it?

    Hi guys? Have you ever used the weight lose pills, garcinia cambogia? What did you think? What were your results? And what brand did you use? Any tips ? Thanks
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    My husband and I tried it. The only difference I experienced was the runs, but I don't know if it was linked or not.

    My husband found he lost weight rapidly, but as soon as he stopped taking the pills, it came right back.

    He did hear from coworkers that in the states you can get a better kind, at their Target, that has something extra in it - I believe it's green coffee beans. We
    looked a few places here and didn't find it but didn't check all the health food places, just walmart, shoppers, target, rexall.
    It gets so expensive so quickly, that it just didn't seem to help enough to warrant the cost with it being pretty much a forever thing, or else the weight comes
    right back.
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    I've tired it, lost about 8 lbs when I tried the cheap chewable version from Walmart (they were gummies), bought the more (way more) expensive brand from GNC and I didnt see any difference. I also tried the GNC brand with the green coffee bean. The coffee bean made me hungrier than if i used the other just by it self. So I stopped that. I still take the green coffee been in the mornings for energy but I dont believe it helped in weight loss at all.


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