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    Default Anybody know -- re:fever blisters vs cold sores

    Today when I went in to get DD(age 3) her lips looked like they each had large bubbles on them. She has had a fever off and on for about a day and a half. She has a cold I think, judging by the runny nose for about four days. I thought ok this is fever blisters, i've heard of these. But from googling, fever blisters look like
    cold sores. These did not. They weren't red, they were the same colour as her lip skin, just looked like the very top layer of skin was inflated -- like the lips weren't
    swollen, they had large, lip coloured bubbles on them. Not small and red like in all the google images and web doctor and parent info sites seem to show
    for fever blisters.

    Is this still fever blisters? I didn't think they were the same thing as cold sores.
    Within a half hour of being up, they disappeared entirely.
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    I never heard of fever blisters. I was always under the impression that cold sore and a blister is the same thing. I am familiar with the bubbles showing up, they tingle or itch a bit, don't they?i
    here is a thing I would get not from having a cold but from eating salty foods. Yes salty foods, how weird is that?
    not suggesting that is the same thing with your child but just sharing my experience to why I would get them.

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    I get fever blisters myself. Some people are just prone to them when they are sick. Mine look like tiny white heads for a few hours and then turn pink same color as lips
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