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    Default hiring help for small business owner

    I'm a small residential cleaning business owner who has had a job posting on kijiji, Indeed Canada, and The Job Bank for months now. I'm struggling and having disastrous results in finding a suitable technician for our team (I am by NO means knowledgeable in human resources). I receive a lot of applicants from overseas, or those not meeting specific criteria outlined in my ad (car required, and they apply not owning a vehicle...really?) then there are those who I respond back via email that I'm interested in learning more about them with a series of a few questions via email (then I proceed to interview), but more than 90% of these never respond back, or cancel interview and don't show up. I'm truly so close to a nervous breakdown, and need some advise on suggestions on where or how to proceed to achieve results. Pleased to say business is growing, but unless I'm able to hire a technician, then I'd be unable to grow my business.
    Thank you

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    Great question. For a London-based hire I'd post on They are reasonably priced, and the quality of your applicants will be much higher than by posting on kijiji or The Job Bank. I'm not exactly sure what a technician does? PM me and I can get you some more info.

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