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    Default kokoru (color corrugated paper)

    I was hoping someone here has some experience with corrugated paper and could give me some insight. How hard is it to manipulate? I am thinking of preparing a craft for a group and wondering what the youngest age you think could work at folding this paper. And how hard is it to cut? Here is the craft.....
    shaun the sheep by Dhanasari on DeviantArt
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    I have never worked with this type of paper, but the legs and ears are small to cut out and have look decent and not have children upset because they cut them off. Plus legs would have to be the same size. It looks like the corrugated part would help children to be able to fold it straight, and it also looks like the sheep would turn out fine if the folds were not straight
    Folding is hard for young children, so I am thinking of my experiences with regular paper or origami paper.
    Pre-cut all pieces - Grade 2/3
    They cut all pieces - Grade 6

    I have done origami with high level grade 7s following a youtube video which showed each step to create 6-8 folds (like a paper airplane, then fold the side). I had to make parts of it, or a friend, for at least 3 who really struggled.
    I had all rectangles pre-cut and it took 40 minutes for Gr7s. Just to help you think of how long you want them to have.

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