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    Sunday around 2 i took a ovulation test...the test line was just a tiny bit lighter than the control, but noticeable after studying it for a minute. I took another test around 10:30 pm and the test line was darker than control. What i am wondering does this mean that i will ovulate closer to the 10:00 pm time monday (24 hours to 36 hours) or could it be before then? i just need an explanation of the surge and the test lines getting darker and what that means...if it means that i will ovulate sooner or later bc it was a darker colour....will try to get another bd out of dh today...but would like to understand the tests better.

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    I have no idea. I went through a fertility clinic and I ovulated way later than I was supposed on the meds I was on. They determined with an internal u/s. When we figured out exactly when I was ovulating we got pregnant that month. We were fortunate as I know not everyone is even when the stars align.

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