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    Default Where do you buy your material for sewing?

    I need a local store. A couple friends and I are making purses this week. We have a pattern and are having a girls day to buy the material, have lunch and then sew What is your favourite store? Hyde Park Fabricland? Wonderland Fabricland? Stratford Fabricland? Lens Mills? Place in Hyde Park I think? What do you think?

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    I have tried all of them. Lens mills has some really cute stuff that would be perfect for a purse. Have fun!

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    There are many nice fabric stores in the area. The quilt shops are a great place to find fabric for purses and bags. One of my favorites would be Marsh's in Coldstream. It is about 15 minutes from the Hyde Park Walmart. She carries a large selection of cotton fabric and a variety of patterns including purses. The fabric is a very good quality. She will be having a sale near the end of July.
    The Marsh Store and Quilt Shop

    If you are thinking of venturing to Stratford then Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe is another great spot. She carries some really nice prints and a good selection of coordinating fabrics.
    Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe

    Then there is The Quilt Place in Shakespeare. She also has a nice selection of fabrics. I actually purchased the fabric for my current purse from this store.
    The Quilt Place - Shakespeare, ON Canada | Quilting Supplies, Ready Made Quilts & Custom Orders

    Another store I pop into every once in a while is the new one in Exeter. Their selection is not quite as large as the other stores yet.
    Kalidoscope of Quilts

    There are a few more stores around.

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    Don't have any Idea about those store. I always use online store for choosing any sewing m/c

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