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    Default White Oaks Play Group weekday mornings?

    I work 10-3. I am looking for a local playgroup for my 17 month old and me to join.

    He's an early raiser (6:30) hopefully an early morning like 8-8:30 for about an hour. I usually go to the parks near White oaks Public School.

    If you have one or want to start one that would be great.
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    Right now I don't know of any playgroups that are that early, but once the new community/family centre attached to White Oaks school gets better
    established, they're hoping to have evening playgroups as well as their current morning and afternoon ones. Perhaps pop in there once every few weeks, see if they've
    begun anything. I'm in that area, but no way I'm out of my house that time of day lol. my kids don't even head out the door until 8:52 for their 9am school time
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    Yeah, I go to the early years westmont evenings on Thursdays I was hoping whiteoaks one would start it or even an early morning one.

    Child reach has one but its kinda far since I would have to then drop my son off at my Inlaws then go to work.

    Its so nice out now don't wanna keep him inside and he's in that phase were he wants to 'play' with others and climb things lol he is not liking the swings anymore

    I think most peeps are in ur situation but I'm hoping lol

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    I've been in touch with the white oaks family center and they are definitely working on programming, its just early in the process.

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