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    Default Times like this I wish I had a partner :(

    I've thrown my back completely out, I'm usually in constant back pain but today it just is impossible to do much of anything. Which has lead to the kids being stuck waiting for me at the docs, then waiting for the meds. They haven't gotten any chance to really play outside in this beautiful weather and with a runner I'm terrified to take them outside alone i hate that ex is never around, even on his scheduled visits, that I can't just call him up and ask him to take them for a few hours so I can rest.
    So beyond tired of doing absolutely everything on my own.
    Ok rant over.

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    Oh man .... sorry you're feeling pain And it does suck when you have to do it all alone .... your kids will get it and try and remember it's a moment and not a forever thing. It WILL get better and there WILL be beautiful weather again all ready for you and them to enjoy when you're feeling much better.

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    Default Times like this I wish I had a partner :(

    Rant away. I hope things improve for you . I agree with strongmommy, remembers this is just a moment and that there will be loads of times for them to play in the nice weather. I'm sorry you don't have any support

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    I think that guilt is part of being a mom. I feel guilty that Olivia has to be in pain all the time or that she can't ride a bike. The biggest guilt I have is that I have chronic pain and that I try so so hard to be a productive mom, to spend more time doing active things. I have had no choice but to wheen off medication because our doctor retired and we can't find another one. So on top of the pain I can't even control it, so I feel guilty about that. I guess all what I am trying to say is that we can only do our best and that there will be a time in life that they will understand and that is when they are parents. I have told my mom how sorry I am several times since being a mom.

    Good luck
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