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    Default Ontario Residents Patients Bill Of Rights..

    I thought I'd post this here - but it applies to everyone. Not just someone expecting, not just because you are female, young or old.

    After reading soo many posts about the treatment some people recieve from health care providers, I though I'd share this, and you can take from it what you want. I hope, however, that it does help someone out there.

    "Every resident of Ontario has the following rights:

    "1. The right to receive all necessary health care services in a health care
    system that,

    "i. is accessible, universal, comprehensive and publicly administered and

    "ii. offers freedom of choice,

    "iii. provides timely treatment,

    "iv. does not allow personal income to determine access to health care
    services, and

    "v. recognizes that every provider of health care services is a valued
    member of a multidisciplinary health care team.

    "2. The right to give or refuse consent to the provision of health care

    "3. The right to all information necessary to make fully informed health
    care choices, including information about who will provide particular
    services and about the qualifications of those providers.

    "4. The right to receive publicly funded health care of high quality in the
    home and in the community as well as in health care facilities.

    "5. The right to receive information, whether in a health care facility or in
    the community, about choices that promote good health and measures that
    prevent illness and accident.

    "6. The right to be dealt with by health care service providers,

    "i. with courtesy and respect,

    "ii. in a manner that recognizes individual dignity and privacy and promotes
    individual autonomy,

    "iii. in a manner that recognizes and responds to individual needs and
    preferences, including those based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial
    and cultural factors,

    "iv. without mental, physical, sexual or financial abuse.

    "7. The right to participate in any assessment of personal care
    requirements and in the development of plans for care.

    "8. The right to make complaints, raise concerns and recommend changes
    without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

    "9. The right to be informed of,

    "i. the laws, rules and policies affecting providers of health care services,

    "ii. the procedures for initiating complaints about providers of health care

    "10. The right to confidentiality of health care records in accordance with
    the law."

    taken from here

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    Thank you for this vital piece of info Leigh I wish I had it handy when I was in labour with my eldest son because maybe what happened to me wouldn't have, you know? I did later put in a complaint letter about the OB I had and the college of physicians did call me up and ask if I wanted to pursue things over what happened and I was in such a state of depression at the time and dealing with an almost deadly infection that I just didn't have it in my to take it a step further at the time. Instead, I used what happened to me as a learning lesson, one in which I became more empowered and knowledgeable over what my rights were as a patient, etc....I went on to research the benefits of utilizing a midwife the next time and ended up having a wonderful vbac birth and walked away feeling so on top of the world...just from the kind of respect I got that time around and I really felt listened to. Dr's and no one in the medical field have any right treating any of their patients with disrespect or verbally or emotionally abusing them, the way I was for instance and there are many other worse-case scenarios out there other than mine! Sittingpretty's recent post comes to mind as just 1 other example.
    Thanks for posting!
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    You're quite welcome.

    I just hope it serves only to inform and educate us all. Never to old to stop learning, right?

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    As an addition to Leigh's post here are the Rights of Childbearing Women. They are US based but it pretty understood that they would be upheld here as well.
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    great addition Shawna!

    Thanks for sharing that!

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