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    Default Orthodontist- Help!

    My 4 y/o sons jaw is obviously crooked. I went to an orthodontist last week who advised me that his upper palate is too narrow so he sits his teeth together funny to find a comfortable position. They want to put wires in the top of his mouth as soon as possible. He would have the contraption in for a year. Then they would glue a retainer to the top of his mouth to stay in until his adult teeth come in. She said that younger is better (as long as they are comfortable with it) because it would be such a long and painful process. They charged me $50 for the consult.

    I went to another Dentist today that gave free consults to get a second opinion. He is not an Orthodontist but has years of experience in Dentistry and `dapples` in orthodontics. He told me to wait until he is 6 or 7. He said that it could potentially fix itself so that they only thing that they would have to do would be file down the eye teeth. He also mentioned that if he gets wires put in now his molars might still come in awkward and he would need braces after the retainer, but if we wait then that might not happen.

    It seems odd to me that the advice is so different!

    Has anyone had any experience with having a narrow palate… Can anyone recommend another person for a 3rd opinion, preferably for free .

    Thank you

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    I just bumped a thread in general health and fitness. I'm also looking for an orthodontist and have recently also asked for recommendations. Also Dr. Drew Smith was also recommended to me aside from the ones in the thread and his ratings are pretty good. His rating is a bit lower then some (4.6) but that also might be because he has more reviews then other dentists.

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    I am not sure… but maybe Dr. Rawson could help him?? He deals in jaw/TMJ issues. Maybe you could give his office a call to find out if they could help. I do know he charges for a consult, but maybe first asking his office if he treats this type of thing. He is really nice and tries to be non-invasive. His office is on wharncliffe in Lambeth.

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    I'd recommend Dr Baby and Dr Rojas, they do charge for a consult but are very good. They are a husband and wife team and according to my dentist the best in London. I had to have A LOT of work, double jaw surgery patient, lol, and had a great experience there. My daughter is a patient now, she got her expansion retainer at almost 8 yrs old. Her retainer also moved her front teeth that were too crowded. They aren't pushy to do things sooner than necessary but do what is needed (my daughter had 4 ankylosed molars, two with no permanent teeth to break them from the jaw - ironically the same two I had and need implants for - and two with permanent teeth to come in, they referred for the two with no permanent teeth to be extracted but suggested waiting to see what happens with the other two because they will likely come out as the adult teeth push up). My sons will both go there for their open bites when they get older too.
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    I also recommend Dr Baby and Dr Rojas. My daughter has been seeing them for close to 2 years now and we love them! Such a wonderful office and amazing staff. My dentist highly recommended them and I trust him as I have been going to him since I was a young child.

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