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Thread: Explain APPLE TV to me please.

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    Default Explain APPLE TV to me please.

    My friend just got Apple Tv and she says its really cool as you can use your ipod on tv. Use your TV like a big Ipod.

    I think there must be more to it than that. So I tried to google it, but my computer is experiencing some issues with pop ups lately. So I have given up and come to LM's for the answers to my questions.

    On the Apple website, it says you have access to channel like NetFlix, Crackle, Vevo, Vemo and a bunch of other things. With Netlfix, do you still have to have a monthly account with them? Have they updated the shows that they air?

    Can you have Apple Tv without owning other Apple products? Is it only $100 once you pay (or whatever the amount is) or do you pay monthly, yearly?

    What are the Pro's and Con's (if you have Apple Tv)? Would you cancel your regular Tv? (I have rogers and I find my channel package way to expensive. Yet the cheaper package has no channels that interests anyone in my house.)


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    I just bought apple tv this weekend. I had the guy at the apple store go into detail and give me a demonstration so i will try to explain as best i can.

    Yes you have access to netflix etc but you need to have a monthly account to use it. Its just like using your wii to access. Yes they update the shows they have all the time, lots of great miniseries!!!

    No you cant have apple tv without another apple product to use it with. I am using mine with my ipad. You do not need to pay any other amount once you buy apple tv, however most people get it so that when they buy and download tv shows, movies etc from itunes they can watch it on the tv when hooked up through apple tv. I buy 'season passes' to my favorite shows and that makes it so that they automatically download to my ipad the night after they air and i can watch thru apple tv.

    We don't have cable either. It was way too expensive and we prefer to watch a few mini series and movies, so it was a good fit for us. The other thing that is cool is that any games you have on your ipad you can play on the tv screen.

    I am not sure if you can operate apple tv with an iphone.....I think you need an ipad? Maybe somebody else can answer that....

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    You can have apple tv without having any other apple products, you just won't be using it to it's potential. You can still access net flicks, youtube, iTunes etc. you can also stream photos from iTunes from another PC computer and have them show up on your tv. I stream things from my computer with different apps; beamer seems to be best, sends things right to the tv. You can also turn files into MP4s and have them in your home sharing file right on your tv. I cancelled cable a long time ago and watch all shows on apps. Most tv stations have their own apps and you just stream them on to the tv from an iPad or iPhone, just have to watch everything a day later than it is originally aired. Also, the 100$ cost of the apple tv is a one time cost. Although streaming shows off the internet, like on net flicks can increase your internet charges greatly. We had to upgrade our internet to unlimited.
    Great investment. Hope that helps.
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