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    Default I weaned my baby and she's really mad about it

    So, about a month ago my milk supply dropped to nothing and I started gradually weaning the baby (22 months) I had her down to morning, nap and night. then we went to a wedding and left her with grandparents for a night and after that I decided we were just going to be done. It's been more than a week now and she's still upset. She screams for her nursies in the morning and sometimes after her nap. But she's also really, really unhappy with me all the time. During the day she just screams and cries about everything and the only thing that seems to help is if I go to a different level of the house and just let her play with DD1 and sneakily spy on them. Its a little better when I have my daycare kid for some reason. Apparently she doesn't do this for DH either. what the heck? Could it be that she's really that mad at me for weaning her? She definitely still cuddles me and talks to me and brings me things at times but it seems like she's always hovering on the edge of tantrum. Tonight she screamed through the entire supper because I had the audacity to try and feed her pancakes and apparently she won't eat pancakes. Did anyone else's toddler do this after weaning??


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    I weaned S at 19 months b/c that's when we found out we were pg and I pretty much figured I would need to go on Diclectin (which you can't bf on). I had dropped a bunch of feedings already but she was still super into her morning, after daycare pick-up and bedtime nursing. I just stopped cold turkey and would offer her a sippy cup of water or milk or her pacifier. She became super clingy for a bit and even now if she's upset or tired she'll come lay on my chest and/or put her hand down my shirt, lol. I was lucky I guess that she didn't seem resentful or mad but she did seem disappointed for a couple of weeks and it made me a bit sad. Then I got really sick for a couple of weeks around Christmas and was so glad I wasn't nursing on top of it all.
    Sounds like if she's distracted and playing she's handling it ok. I would just keep doing what you're doing and make some extra time for bedtime snuggles until she's adjusted.

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    Oh no! I'm afraid for when the day comes. I might just have to nurse my dd forever

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    could be she just smells you and it reminds her, therefore making her upset??

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