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    Default Separation Questions

    Hoping you can help me out.

    My ex and I were common-law in 2013. We separated in October 2013. I am the primary caregiver of our daughter but we have joint custody. The separation agreement states she resides at my address.

    I understand only one parent can claim her as a child under 18. Would i do since this i am the primary caregiver?

    Second question is... the expenses relating to her such as day care expenses and fitness credits who can claim these? We both pay these expenses equally. Is there a rule who can claim what? Can we split them?

    My taxes are stressing me out because i used to be confident on doing them but now since we share our child i am concerned and was thinking about getting someone to do them if i cant figure this out.


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    Hi there,

    If her address is with you then you would claim the child under 18 and you could also claim her as a dependent (equivalent to spouse).

    As an aside, 0nly one person gets the child under 18 amount for all kids in family but in the year of separation, if more than one child, you can each claim equivalent to spouse for the respective kid.

    Art and and fitness credits (and medical) can be claimed by either (don't need to live with child to qualify) but the max claim between the two of you is limited to the max $500 amount. Daycare can be claimed by person who paid it up to the max amount between the two of you ... keeping in mind that part of the requirement to get credit for daycare is needing it to allow the person an opportunity to work. When two people claim CRA gets all confused so just be prepared to support that you each required the care to allow you the time to work.

    The year of separation return is always the most complicated .... There are different rules for each of the credits and exceptions for this year only as they relate to who claims what. Don't panic - walk through each section you think is applicable and just ensure you don't each claim the max for the fitness and art and daycare costs.

    Hope this helps!
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