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Thread: So much loss, so hard to deal with

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    Sorry you're dealing with so many losses. I can relate a bit. I am still having trouble coping with my own dad's sudden death 9 1/2 months ago & am currently considering going for some grief counselling. My DH has EAP through work, so I'd likely go that route. I'd seriously consider the option of going for some counselling if I were you. Life can be very difficult at times & sometimes we just need help & advice from a professional to help us get through certain ordeals life throws our way. Hoping things get better for you in the near future. Thinking of you.

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    Sorry your going through this. I have learnt that tough times really make one appreciate the normal boring days once the storm is over. *hugs*
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    Les, honey, your divorce alone would be enough to snow most people under, nevermind everything else that you have added on top.

    As you well know, our past two years has been anything but peachy, and even I don't even really know what or how to tell you to get through it. I think it's just one step at a time. Try to eliminate as many of the non-important demands as possible so that you can concentrate and work on what you *need* to....

    You know that there are plenty of other competent hands that will look after LMs... depend on them and don't worry about us. Concentrate on yourself and your kids and family!

    Hugs and prayers, sweetie!

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    Thanks so much everyone. My son's grandfather did pass away last thursday. Luckily my son got up to see him on the Wednesday night. I really wanted to go but I was so sick last week I couldn't risk bringing it to the palliative care unit. His family was with him constantly but it was really hard for them to watch. He's not suffering anymore but I know it will take a while for his family to recover.

    I'm starting to feel a little better myself. I start a new job next week so that should keep me pretty busy. I have to go away on training so I'm trying to figure out what I'll do with the kids while I'm gone.

    Thanks again for the support, it means a lot.

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