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    Default Is my Son a Genius?

    This is interesting and sad. Remember that article that showed if you type "women should" and "men should" in google it finished with different things? Reminds me of that. Though I just checked and "is my son" finished with gay, gay quiz and gay test. "Is my daughter" finished with pregnant, possessed and anorexia. Wowsers people. The things that plague us.

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    I've probably googled more questions regarding my daughter because she is my first child, and I'm a lot more at ease with things now. That must skew results. However, I'm guessing my searches were very rarely gender specific, and I referred to my child or my 18 month old, for example. I'm never likely to google "Is my son pregnant.", but you never know.

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    I got: is my daughter gay, depressed, bipolar, overweight
    I got: is my son gay, gay signs, gay test, autistic

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