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Thread: Unbelievable...

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    YES this pisses me off....Where is the "causing bodily harm charge" that is 10 yrs plus. But because he pleaded guilty he didn't get that charge. AND when his wife goes to court March 25th she will get less. Those 2 have damaged this boy forever and are putting him through alot and his family, I hope someone beats the crap out of him in jail...BUT nope he will get protection all the way. SO UNFAIR to T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happily Ever After View Post
    What about all the other charges initally filed that the above article lists? Did some get dropped cause of his plea?
    From my experiences when you agree to plea guilty they drop charges they know they would have less chance of getting a conviction on as well as to make it worth it the charged person to plead.

    also keep in mind had he not pled guilty and fought everything he would have had a chance of walking out due to the extra credit inmates get for serving time before trial.

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    Keep in mind, some of those other charges fall under the HTA not the CC so, he may still have been found guilty of them, but the only penalty they carry is a fine so they wouldn't be worthy of mentioning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doda94 View Post
    Can't appeal the max. sentence but I totally agree that the penalty doesn't fit the crime.

    From the article that I read, it doesn't *sound* like Tyler will pass away any time soon but there's no question that this injury will shorten his life. One question that I had and I wondered if LC was still around reading, (haven't seen any posts from her for a while),the article that I read about him said that he will only be permitted to stay in the rehab hospital that he's in until about the 2 year mark of the accident. I'm hoping I misunderstood the article because I'd like to know what the insurance company, doctors, etc. expects his family to do at the end of those two years.
    I would guess that they expect them to take him home so he can be loved on at home like he was before. Luckily in Ontario we have therapists that come to the home. Families do not have to pay for this out of pocket. Here in London we also have an excellent Shift Nursing program which is also completely funded by the government. Medical supplies are provided with no charge under this as well. There are respite and special services monies as well. The best place for this child to be once he is stable and gaining is in his own home, not in a rehab hospital hours away. Hopefully he will be there sooner than later.
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