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    Default Make ahead meals - GIMME DETAILS!

    I know a few of you make ridiculous amounts of food one day a week and freeze/refrigerate them for easy cooking.

    I have some questions as the THOUGHT of doing this makes me angry and frustrated because I can't see a clear picture of what I would do and how I would save time, but I like the idea of saving time and cooking only once a week.

    Anyway, how would one create say, a meat/starch/veg standard meal? I guess I could marinate meat, or pre cook the starch? But I couldn't precook the veggies. That would make them soggy, right? Then I would still need to cook the meat and veggies on the night I'm going to eat them, so how does this actually save me any time? Or is it other types of meals that lend themselves better to a once a week cooking strategy? I don't eat many casseroles, soups, or stews - I mean, I guess I could do that once a week, maybe 2x, but I dunno....

    Sample meal plans would be really appreciated, especially if its something you've actually done before.

    I have a super small freezer on top of my small apartment sized fridge so I'm also worried storage space is a problem. No chest freezer.

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    A lot of those extra ones I do are usually ones I can throw in the crock pot. A lot of casseroles that are easy to just pull out and reheat (enchiladas, shepherds pie, lasagna, etc.) But yes the typical meal of meat, startch, veggie doesn't really work well. I tried to do fajitas and cut up all the stuff, pre cooked the chicken and then froze it all but then the peppers cooked up limp and soggy and we didn't like that. So I stick to casserole type dishes, soups and stews that just can be reheated or thrown in the crock pot.

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    Pastas, casseroles and crockpot meals are the best ones to freeze. You can also do meat in gravy, we've put turkey sliced in gravy in a ziploc bag then defrost and put in a covered pan to reheat. This can also be done with roast beef.

    As far as freezer space, ziploc bags are great for freezing meals in, especially things like mac & cheese and crockpot meals that you can just dump into the crockpot on the day of.
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    Cut up a lot of veggies, green peppers broccoli. cauliflower carrots onions and other vegetables. Put them in zip loc bags. cut up a bunch of different meats. ground beef- turkey, beef strips stewing beef., you can add you flavours to the meat- your marinade sauces/ then just add any combination to you crock pot. I only cook my pasta as needed as its yuck after freezing in my house. You can google recipes for crock pot freezer meals. It takes a bit of organizing but it is so worth it. You can also buy those silver tins, bulk barn to freeze your shepherds pies and lasagna and mac and cheese, and hash brown casserole ( hash browns, cheese soup green beans and cubed ham ) have fun once you do it a couple of times you get addicted to always being prepared. Also get a good permanent marker and mark everything as to what it is and prep instructions.

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