I have a toddler bed in my livingroom that is just waiting for a new home! It is light purple. It isn't perfect, in that it used to have stickers, and there's a bit of discolouration where they were picked off. But, most people do not use a toddler bed for that long, so why put out money if you have access to a clean, sturdy bed for free, right?
I'm happy to let it go for free just to get the space back, as that's where my tree goes, soon as I'm done waiting on the rest of the people to pick up their baby stuff (no m2m lol I don't just mean you )

If you felt so inclined as to donate something to my household for the bed, we're always in need of plastic shopping bags, like from the grocery store, as we have a dog, three cats, and a 2 year old all who tend to poop, and I use the bags to seal in the stench before tossing it in the can.

ALSO, it is even possible I could get this bed delivered for you this week if you're not too far from me. If you are not in South London, $5-10 for gas, depending where you are. This week dh won't be working a lot just due to the job he's been put on. can't afford to be all happygolucky withour gas, sorry.