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Thread: Fed up..I'm not a step parent I'm a babysitter.

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    Default Fed up..I'm not a step parent I'm a babysitter.

    Sometimes Step Parenting can suck big time, I didn't sign up for this crap. I love my DSD but her Mother on the other hand....

    I was TOLD today...not asked...TOLD that my DSD has a party on a date that is our weekend so they would pick her up and bring her. I asked if she was telling me or asking if we had plans. It got into this big hoopla first off about how they were doing ME a favour by picking her up and taking her. Really? doing me a favour? how?So DS and her have a shorter time to be togehter on our weekend? Second she made us sound awful because she missed a birthday party this weekend to be at her Brothers birthday party. She acts like we had her chained up or something. No it was her brothers birthday in my opinion having her their with family was more important.

    I feel as though since my DH left to work out of province I am used as a babysitter for her instead of a step parent.

    She is always late, never takes into consideration other peoples lives or plans. The world seems to revolve around this woman but I'm the one with an "attitude" because I don't bend over backwards for every little thing she does and says.

    I'm livid and needed to vent.


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    That sounds so unfair I wish when couples split up they could always remember that both parents love that kid, and both deserve to make memories with them and be in their lives. And if a step parent comes into the picture, one more person to love your kid is not a bad thing
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    Parent, step-parent, should not matter, if it is your weekend to have the child then it is up to you whether or not they can and will attend any birthday parties.
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