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Thread: Tightening things up post partum? Help

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    Question Tightening things up post partum? Help

    What do I do to tighten things up down there? I've only had one baby and my husband sometimes cant even feel anytrhing hardly and sometimes I cant feel much either. Its terrible! LOL what have other women done who have had 3-4 kids?? Or even 2 kids? I know they say keigls but is there a better way to do them? Is there a better sex position? How long do you do keigls per day? Any help would be accepted here!

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    I have only had two kids, so this advice doesn't come from personal experience. The important thing about kegels is to make absolute sure your doing the properly (not saying you aren't) and to be dedicated. here is a detailed article: Should You Kegel? | Birth Boot Camp® Natural Childbirth Education Classes - Online and Instructor-led

    this article is mainly about protecting the perineum through birth but there is info on pelvic floor muscles and exercise: Birth Sensations & Protecting The Perineum Through It All | The Joy of This
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    I am said your husband can't feel anything???...I don't understand that....

    I had two sections so I did not have any change to THAT part of my body. I believe I heard that there are ball things your can insert and hold in there to strengthen muscles. I think they are for "sexual pleasure" but they would also serve as a work out too. Check out the stag shop or something.

    I guess I am really not that

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    Hrm, I've had 2 kids -- 1 c-section, 1 vaginal birth (with lots of tearing and stitches) and I haven't noticed any change at all down there (other then for the better). I've asked him and he says nothing has changed.

    Did you have any issues pre-kids? Are you physically active? Do you have any pelvic floor type issues (eg, peeing a bit when you sneeze).

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