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Thread: Is anyone here in a ministry leadership position? (Any religion)

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    Default Is anyone here in a ministry leadership position? (Any religion)

    Hi London Moms

    I'm pretty new to the forum and I'm still trying to navigate my way around. I'm attending a Bible College in Kitchener (I commute one day a week via Greyhound and the rest of my courses are Distance Ed).

    For one of my classes I have to interview someone in a leadership position in ministry. Any religion is fine, just has to be someone in a position of leadership. With my busy schedule I haven't had time to meet up with anyone and because we just moved to London we don't have a church yet. I can just pm you my list of questions and you can send me back your answers..

    If anyone is interested in talking about themselves I'd be very grateful lol!
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    I'm not but if you need a connection, I can provide one. Just let me know.... welcome to London!

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