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Thread: Google Search Shows Inequality

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    Default Google Search Shows Inequality

    Powerful Ads Use Real Google Searches to Show the Scope of Sexism Worldwide | Adweek

    I for sure thought that this was going to be wrong. I just typed it into my own search bar on my own laptop and the words "Women shouldn't" produced the options: work, vote, run, wear pants, be in combat. Apparently "Men shouldn't" eat soy, get married, cry, wear shorts or marry. How nice for them! This is horrible.

    Women need to...
    Women should...
    Women cannot...
    Women should...

    And then try typing in 'men' instead of women. Or try boys vs girls.

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    OMG - I didn't really think it would come up with the options it did -

    "men need to ejaculate"
    "women need to know thier place"

    WTH is with that? Is Google really a reflection of what people look up?

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    I got "men should..."
    (should) -er tattoo
    (should) -er bag
    -wear saree
    -always pray

    Women should:
    -be soldiers
    -always pray
    -not be in combat
    -not preach.

    Men need:
    to feel needed
    to ejaculate

    Women need:
    massage in dubai (clearly, you know what I've been searching for....)
    more attention
    to sleep longer hours
    to know when to shut up

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    For women need to, I got:

    *know their place
    *shut up
    *grow up
    *sleep more
    *know about men
    *feel safe
    *be wanted
    *support each other

    For men need to, I got:

    *feel needed
    *man up
    *be needed
    *feel appreciated
    *grow up
    *be respected

    For women should, I got:

    *serve men
    *be property
    *not wear pants
    *be seen not heard
    *not work
    *not run
    *not have rights
    *know their place

    For men should, I got:

    *be what they seem
    *own women
    *all die
    *not get married
    *not hit women
    *not wear shorts

    For men & women should not, I got similar answers.


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    I think this is so stupid. This doesnet' dictate what society thinks this is what people put into Google the most. So yes some dumb A$$ are going to search things which makes that search popular, but some people might be even doing historical studies. If you type in Dinasour historical facts will come up about Dinasours. Whether we like it or not we were not the head of humanity for a very long time and it wasn't that many years ago that we finally were declared a citizen. So yes these things are going to pop up because they are a big part of our history. I dont' think it's shocking nor tells much of a story that we didn't already know. There are still many places, countries states that woman are considered "second class" These countries, places and states have internet too so once again searches like this are going to pop up.


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    Every Country in the world, including Canada, has and will always have people who view women as second class. It is age old, and it is ingrained so deeply and transcends every culture, religion, and ethnicity. So while I agree that a percentage of the results could stem from research, I would not be surprised that a larger percentage would be from the dumbass people out there who consider those things to be true about women. It doesn't make it right, but it's reality that these perceptions are still very much alive and well.
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