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Thread: Do you feed your kids food you don't yourself like?

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    yes. Avocado, oatmeal, meat less meat like chicken or beef, regular chicken....

    For the most part I would say my dd eats well balanced diet with better food choices than I would normally make myself

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    Yes - things like Hamburger Helper, Chef Boy R De (sp?), Mac and Cheese from a box, balogna and hot dogs - I hate these things but my kids LOVE them.
    They usually get these kinda things for lunch (either in a thermos at school or on the weekend). I really try to do healthier well rounded dinners.... note that none of the items I listed contain a single real vegtable.

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    Forgot to add that I do not like pop (only ice tea), regular chocolate bars (only dark chocolate) and that I do not eat donuts so my kids do not get pop but do get the occasional ice tea and I do not buy them donuts but they do sometimes get them with friends or at church.
    Granola is a Mum to 2 wonderful boys

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    I am extremely picky and only like a handful of foods. I feed my kids whatever they will eat and do get them to try new things as much as I can. Being picky sucks, but I have texture issues and am very sensitive to smells and can't help it.

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